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In fact, there is a lot of truth in the story of Superman. The moment you see the advertisement, you can imagine what could happen to Superman if he had the powers of a real super-villain. If the hero from Situs Joker123 will be a real villain and use all his powers for personal gain. So, it wasn't a bad idea that the first Superman campaign had Superman is an undercover detective. This way, he can sneak in and sell products in the virtual world but still maintain his identity.

The super-villain story of Situs Joker123 was the best way to explain why it's impossible for superheroes to enter the virtual world. So, they represented the point of view of the parents and teachers: They had an idea that the powers that they were so proud of in their sons could destroy a virtual world. They couldn't stand to see such powerful powers for nothing, especially the superhero ones. Discover here for more information about online gaming.

Situs Joker123 even managed to put Superman in the 'cosplaying' moment in real life, and be responsible for bringing a new movement in cosplay. The promotion brought a new set of fans, especially those of DC's own superheroes, like the Green Lantern, the Batman and the Flash. In the end, I must say that the story of Superman was never really real. But the story behind it is now, and we should remember it.

You can read all the comments on Situs Joker123. For instance, there are the people who said that the campaign was a great success for Situs Joker123 because Superman was a hit. But of course, there is also the fact that they did a great job of selling Superman as a superhero. They took an iconic character, especially Superman, and made him a great character in advertising. They also made Superman a very presentable hero: clean-cut, gentle, calm, non-threatening, he's a teacher, he's a scientist, he's a photographer, he's a man of honor, he's a team player, he's a protector of justice, he's an immigrant from Krypton.

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